• Published On: 16. August, 2023

    Part of the LIFE FOR SEEDS project is also restoration of grasslands, that belong to habitat type turloughs (Natura code [...]

  • Published On: 19. July, 2023

    Summer months are the busiest months as the majority of project activities take place in the peak of the maturation [...]

  • Published On: 28. June, 2023

    Among meadows of habitat type 6210(*) that we are restoring within LIFE FOR SEEDS project, are also three plots in [...]

  • Published On: 20. June, 2023

    As already reported in April 2023, seeds of several species were collected in Goričko last year and their seedlings raised [...]

  • Published On: 5. June, 2023

    On 30th and 31st of May 2023, project partners of LIFE for SEEDS have carried out the fourth and final [...]

  • Published On: 9. May, 2023

    Between 3 and 5 May project partners of LIFE FOR SEEDS visited the third of four planned networking projects. We [...]

  • Published On: 24. April, 2023

    In autumn 2022, 25 purple mulleins Verbascum phoeniceum were planted onto grasslands under restoration in LIFE FOR SEEDS project in [...]

  • Published On: 14. April, 2023

    In April, the team of researchers from the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia working on the project LIFE FOR SEEDS published [...]

  • Published On: 27. March, 2023

    Between December 2022 and middle of March 2023 DOPPS' team visited 164 farms that manage species-rich grasslands on 20 Natura [...]

  • Published On: 23. November, 2022

    As part of the LIFE FOR SEEDS project, 25 purple mullein seedlings were planted. Purple mullein (Verbascum phoeniceum) [...]

  • Published On: 16. November, 2022

    In the past months, we have been very active in LIFE FOR SEEDS project at Goričko Nature Park. Firstly, we [...]

  • Published On: 19. September, 2022

    In the past two months, the Life for Seeds project has been intensively collecting seed mixtures in dry orchid meadows [...]

  • Published On: 1. September, 2022

    This spring and summer, as part of the LIFE for Seeds project, we tried to determine species-rich meadows from which [...]

  • Published On: 12. July, 2022

    In June, mixed DOPPS and KIS teams were gathering seeds on the southern embankment of Lake Ptuj for several days, [...]

  • Published On: 8. June, 2022

    In mid May, the subcontractor for vegetation surveys, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU), [...]

  • Published On: 1. June, 2022

    During 25.-27. May we visited the Czech Republic, as part of action E2, to see restored grasslands in the White [...]

  • Published On: 30. March, 2022

    The first one of the four planned networking visits was performed between 22nd and 24th March. We visited the Centre [...]

  • Published On: 18. January, 2022

    Notranjska Regional Park started to perform activities for LIFE FOR SEEDS project in September 2021. A field survey helped identify [...]

  • Published On: 18. January, 2022

    Ormož Basins Nature Reserve, owned by DOPPS – BirdLife Slovenia, covers approximately 66 ha. It consists of six lagoons, pastures, [...]