In the scope of the project LIFE FOR SEEDS, we also undertook the restoration of habitats which were in poor condition for various reasons. In the area of intermittent Lake Cerknica in Notranjska Regional Park, we approached the restoration of meadow and marsh habitats in different ways. We’re going to restore habitats which were overgrown with bushes due to the abandonment of mowing or were degraded during the renaturation process of the river Stržen, where the use of heavy construction machinery was imminent.

This time, however, we will not present all the methods we have chosen for the restoration of various habitats, but one of the threats to their successful restoration – the alien invasive plant species or shorter IAS.

Invasive species are non-native species, which means that people have introduced them outside their natural range. Not all non-native species are invasive, but only the ones that for various reasons spread unstoppably in their new homeland. Invasive plants can form dense stands in a relatively short time and outgrow and displace the native vegetation.