This spring and summer, as part of the LIFE for Seeds project, we tried to determine species-rich meadows from which we will collect seeds of individual plant species in the following years. We examined more than 1,500 plots within nineteen Natura 2000 sites and found around 750 high nature value grasslands.

During the search, we were surprised by some unexpected finds. Highlights among them include two pink butterfly orchids (Orchis papilionacea), found near the settlement of Ravnace, that represent the second record of this very rare Slovenian orchid species in Bela Krajina, few sites with bug orchids (Orchis coriophora) in the Radovna and Sava Dolinka valleys and small populations of red vanilla orchids (Nigritella miniata) on Mount Konjščica on Pokljuka plateau and below the peak of Dovška Baba in Karavanke.