Project title

Conservation of priority grassland habitats in Slovenia through the establishment of seed bank and in situ restoration

Project acronym


Reference number

LIFE20 NAT/SI/000253

Project duration


Total project budget

5.351.723 EUR

EU financial

4,013,790 EUR (75 %)

Sigrid Rausing Trust contribution

100,000 EUR

Ministry of Public Administration contribution

100,000 EUR

Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning contribution

1,070,344.60 EUR


The surface of high nature value grasslands at Natura 2000 sites in Slovenia is decreasing, mostly due to agricultural intensification (conversion to arable fields, application of manure, early first mowing, too frequent mowing, intensive cattle grazing, overseeding, liming) and land abandonment which leads to shrubs and forest encroachment. Our project focuses on establishing a seed bank of 300 characteristic taxa found on three EU priority habitats: semi-natural dry grasslands with orchids, species-rich Nardus grasslands and Turloughs. According to the latest national report of the Habitats Directive 2013-2018, all three habitat types have either an unfavourable – inadequate status or unfavourable – bad status. Within the project we will restore 74,1 ha high nature value grasslands at seven Natura 2000 sites (Notranjski trikotnik, Goričko, Julijske Alpe, Drava, Krimsko hribovje – Menišija, Ljubljansko barje, Škocjanski zatok) using green hay and seed mixtures. Three conservation measures will be designed for the production of native seed material and grassland restoration, that will be included in national agricultural policy after 2027.