On 30th and 31st of May 2023, project partners of LIFE for SEEDS have carried out the fourth and final networking project, this time in Austria. Main topics of this professional trip were the logistics of seed production and the potential of seed mixtures in grassland restorations. Apart from the colleagues from partner institutions, this time we were also joined by the farmers from project areas (Nature Park Goričko, Triglav National Park, Notranjska Regional Park).

LIFE for Seeds

At the first day of our trip, we visited HBLFA Raumberg-Gumpenstein, one of Austria’s leading institutions in the field of agriculture. Our host was dr. Wilhelm Graiss, expert in vegetation management in alpine area. Dr. Graiss showed us their experimental fields of native grassland species and explained the entire process of seed gathering in nature:

  • where, when and how they collect seeds,
  • how they clean them,
  • how they manage/store the seeds?

Chosen proportion of collected seeds is then used for growing of seedlings in their experimental greenhouse. Seedlings are then transferred to fields, where they serve in both seed multiplication and preservation of genetic diversity. Additionally, he showed to us their mechanization, used in preparation and maintenance of their fields.