What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files on your computer in which information about the number of our website visits and what your interest was in visits are contained. Cookies do not contain any personal information or other information which could reveal your identity. 

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies allow a better user experience on website.

For example, cookies are used to remember the user’s choices and settings, web forms entries and user login information. 

Primary e-business functions would not be possible without using cookies. In e-commerce websites cookies record items in the purchase basket, favorite items and other purchase information. 

We also use cookies to monitor website statistics, which enables us an easier detection and elimination of potential errors. Therefore, the collected data allows us to continuously upgrade our website.

Cookies can also serve for marketing relevant commercials.

Some cookies are crucial for website operating. Others are saved only with your agreement.

Cookies used on our website

Crucial cookies

These cookies provide normal website operating

Cookie Type Duration Source
PHPSESSID, sessionID session identification until browser closing
userID user identification 1 year

Analytics Cookies 

Analytics cookies enable us to record the number of website visitors. They are not crucial for website operation, but they provide information for website upgrade, thus enabling a better user experience on the website. All collected information is anonymous.

Cookie Type Duration Source
_ga visit statistics 2 years Google Analytics

Disable Analytics Cookies

Managing cookies in web browser

Most web browsers accept cookies by default. The validity of cookies can be either short term or long term; after its expiration the web browser automatically deletes cookies. The user can manually delete all cookies or cookies for single domain or disable all cookies in web browser. You can find the instructions on how to delete or disable cookies in the Help section of your web browser. In case you disable all cookies, some website functions will not be working properly. 

Last changes of cookies were made on 11 Jan 2022