During 25.-27. May we visited the Czech Republic, as part of action E2, to see restored grasslands in the White Carpathians in the SE part of the country. Our hostess was Mrs. Ivana Jongepierová, who works for the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. At the same time she volunteers for an NGO that manages grasslands in the Nature Reserve Čertoryje.

LIFE for Seeds

Grassland restoration in the White Carpathians began 30 years ago. Due to communist isolation from the rest of the world, they had to invent their own procedures and techniques. With the use of regional seed mixtures and green hay, and locally also spontaneous succession, they have so far restored 600 ha of grasslands from arable land. Farmers were willing to convert fields to grasslands due to heavy erosion, low crop yield and financial support from the Ministry of the Environment. Restored meadows are nowadays cut once per year, not fertilized and their hay used as fodder.