In the last days of December, we set up a new information desk within the LIFE FOR SEEDS project.

This desk complements the existing park infrastructure in the Goričko Nature Park with an aim to inform and to raise the public’s awareness of the high biotic diversity that appears here at every turn. The information desk is placed on a meadow in Šulinci, where meadow restoration is in progress: this means that in the past years we have experimentally restored it with seed mixtures, the so-called green mulch and planting some meadow herbs. Thus, every time we look at the desk, we will remember that, in addition to regular mowing, the restoration also helped to bring the meadow back to life with again high diversity of flowers, butterflies and birds. Therefore, you are invited to visit and admire the meadow in Šulinci just by the main road Ženavlje – Šulinci and the surrounding themed trails: Path of flowering meadows in Budinci, Path of the woodpecker and hermit in Nuskova and Path of butterflies in Motvarjevci.