The first one of the four planned networking visits was performed between 22nd and 24th March. We visited the Centre for Plant Diversity (Nemzeti Biodiverzitás- és Génmegőrzési Központ).

Their headquarters are located in Tápíoszele, approximately 100 km east of Budapest, deep in the Hungarian puszta. Between 2010 and 2014 they carried out a LIFE project together with two partners »Establishment of the Pannon Seed Bank for the long-term ex situ conservation of Hungarian vascular wild plants« (LIFE08 NAT/H/000288, akronim HUSEEDBANK). They gathered and permanently stored seeds of 844 plant species (plus additional 68 species after the end of the project), which is over 50 % of the Hungarian flora. They also developed germination protocols for the majority of species and reintroduced some steppe species in the Kiskunság National Park.

LIFE for Seeds