Summer months are the busiest months as the majority of project activities take place in the peak of the maturation of meadow plants. In Goričko, we started with the harvesting of the seed mixtures and collecting seeds for the seed bank. First green biomass for meadow restoration was scattered on 3,5 hectares in restoration.

Harvesting seed mixtures

Within the LIFE FOR SEEDS project, we are harvesting seed mixtures intended for sowing dry meadows in restoration. Similar as the previous year, we collected the seed mixtures from species-rich meadows, which are predominately privately owned. The seed mixtures are collected with the help of the colleagues from the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia. Harvesting of seed mixtures with a brush machine is planned twice during the season. We have completed the first brushing in the second half of June. The second brushing will be carried out in August. Brushing at different times during the season means a greater yield of harvested seeds, since not all plants mature at the same time. Seed mixtures were harvested on 6.5 hectares of meadows from which we obtained 196 kg of seed material. The mixture are repeatedly mixed till dry and will be sown on meadows this autumn.