Together with the end of summer, the first season of seed gathering for the establishment of seed bank in LIFE FOR SEEDS project ends as well. Quite intensive summer period with diverse weather delighted us with discoveries of some rare grasslands species. Here we mention those that are particularly interesting to our field team.

Finds of a characteristic species of extensive dry meadows cheered us up on semi-natural dry grasslands with orchids – Potentilla rupestris on Natura 2000 sites Marindol, Bela krajina and Goričko. In the latter, we also found Jasione montana, Saxifraga bulbifera and Petrorhagia prolifera, with all three inhabiting dry, acidic and sandy habitats. Numerous specimens of orchids from genus Ophrys were noticed on some well-managed meadows, especially in areas Haloze and Vrbina: Ophrys sphegodes, Ophrys holosericea and Ophrys apifera.